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Tilt your smartphone and drive dots to the target hole!

Marble Tilt is a simple, casual game inspired by classic marble maze games. Use your dexterity and manipulate your phone as the dots reacts to the real gravity.
Complete all the levels belonging to variuos sections. Each section has its own features like colour-splited obstacles, bouncing dots or walls. More new sections are coming soon!

To play Marble Tilt you need a device with accelerometer and touchscreen.
For now the game only supports Android phones and tablets, but hopefully it would be ported to iOS and UWP in the near future.

If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment down below or contact me at contact@mitosgames.com.


Android v1.1.0 20 MB

Install instructions

Please note that .apks downloaded via Google Chrome would not work. I recommend using other browser instead.

Although the apk's signing and certification process should be more than enough to ensure file integrity it is advised to compare its SHA1 checksum with the given below:

android v1.0.6: 04e54dd37d71bfb50fdd095e2c42160789851049

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